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AOC optical interconnect market expected

6/10/15  |  Industry News

Rapid application of the Internet and intelligent terminals of the global amount of the explosive growth of data, greatly promoted the development of high-performance Supercomputer Center (HPC) with high-speed routers, supercomputing and storage as the core and the data center market. Active Optical Cable Products is one of the main interconnection between these core devices, the active optical cable market research report from CIR's display, its market size in 2012 reached $ 720 million, this figure is expected to double by 2017, reaching $ 1.9 billion, promising.

With the offer 40G/100G ports servers, switches and other equipment in the data center gradually scale commercial, the demand for high-speed optical interconnect products more and more, the current domestic device manufacturers continue to research and development and innovation optical interconnection technology, high speed The integrated parallel optical modules and high frequency signal integrity technology in-depth understanding and research. The key requirement is that the optical interconnect high-speed, high-density, low cost, low power consumption. The current mainstream high-speed optical interconnect products include 10Gbps SFP + AOC, 40Gbps QSFP + AOC, 56G QSFP + AOC and 120Gbps CXP AOC and the like.

AOC optical interconnect market is expected to report below shows CIR.

AOC optical interconnect market expected


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