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Difference between single-mode and multimode fiber

4/26/15  |  Technical Article

Difference between single-mode and multimode fiber

Single-mode fiber is only a single path, and generally used for long-distance transmission, there are multiple propagation paths of Multimode Fiber, multimode fiber bandwidth for 50MHz~500MHz/km, single mode fiber optic bandwidth up to 2000MHz/km, optical fiber wavelength 1550nm and 850nm, 1310nm, etc. 850nm wavelength multimode optical fiber communication; 1550nm wavelength region for single-mode optical fiber communication; 1310nm wavelength region comprises both single mode and multimode types. Greater attenuation of 850nm, for 2 to 3 miles (1 mile = 1604 m) communications than the economy. Fiber size divided by the fiber diameter with 50μm multimode fiber, 62.5μm slow variants with slowly varying multimode fibre and 8.3μm enhanced mutant single-mode optical fiber, optical fiber cladding diameter of 125μm, 62.5/125μm, 9/125μm, 50/125μm and other varieties.

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