DWDM role of technology

5/21/15  |  Technical Article

DWDM is an optical fiber communication transmission technology, it is the use of an optical fiber can simultaneously transmit a plurality of different wavelengths of light characteristic wavelength range into the fiber may be applied to a number of bands, each band used a separate channel to transmit a predetermined wavelength of the optical signal technology.

Transmission is a communication network in a basic sense, it means the signal conveyed by one point to another point or points of action, its performance is the information transfer in space. It must rely on signals it may convey information.

Transmission system occupies a very important position in a communications network, is an essential part of the communication network. Transmission system is organized hierarchically in general, including backbone transmission system (a trunk), the province of the transmission system (secondary trunk), local networks, metropolitan area networks, etc., each one from a network, there is a network node transmits interlayer information.

Photonic devices and wavelength division multiplexing and dense wavelength division multiplexing technology development, not only great ability to explore the enormous bandwidth optical fiber has, but also promote the formation of all-optical network.

In recent years, the rapid development of the global communications market, especially the rise of international interconnection (Internet), high-quality videoconferencing systems and multimedia and a series of new services, the demand for large-capacity, high-performance network traffic surge. The traditional SDH and PDH fiber-optic transmission systems use, "a fiber wave" approach, due to the characteristics of the device by itself, its transmission capacity and expansion mode are unable to meet demand.

At the same time waste of fiber resources has become a common phenomenon, and how to take full advantage of these resources and better services for the telecommunications industry, WDM technology is a good guide, produced wave points, bringing the field to the transmission a huge change.

Dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) is capable of simultaneously transmitting a plurality of carrying electrical information (analog or digital) optical carrier on a single fiber, enabling system expansion of optical fiber communication technology. It combination of several light signals of different wavelengths (multiplexing) up optical signal transmission, the transmission will be a combination of optical fiber and then separated (demultiplexed), into a different communication terminal, i.e., provided on a single physical fiber multiple virtual Fibre Channel, which can save a lot of fiber resources.