Fiber Transceiver Overview and enterprise applications

5/26/15  |  Industry News

Fiber optic transceiver is a twisted pair electrical short distance and long-distance optical signal transmission swap Ethernet media conversion unit, in many places, also known as the photoelectric converter or fiber optic converters.

Development of today's fiber-optic network has become an inevitable trend, so now when its own corporate network construction directly using optical fiber as the backbone network transmission medium. Since the network upgrade, the enterprise is in urgent need to reduce costs, but also to ensure the effectiveness of existing equipment program. So many companies approach is to use fiber-optic backbone in place, the internal LAN using cable. But how to achieve the LAN connected with fiber optic backbone? The fiber optic transceiver is a way to adapt to different ports, different linear, different fiber conversion and guarantee quality of the connection device. Therefore, fiber optic transceivers good solution connected with fiber optic backbone LAN.

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