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Menara direct detection tunable wavelength 100G CFP module to achieve volume sales
10/21/15  |  Industry News  |

Optical module vendors Menara network has said its direct detection tunable DWDM 100G CFP optical module has achieved volume sales. Menara also introduced its 100G Wave Master wavelength adjusting and BER tester.

High speed fiber optic transceivers to promote the development of the optical engine
7/29/15  |  Technical Article  |

Fiber optic transceivers may be in a response network traffic surge center of attention, but the link platform, panel-board equipment and other functions is the supplier of fiber optic transceivers can achieve product differentiation play space.

CFP optical module works
7/21/15  |  Technical Article  |

40Gbit/s CFP optical module is hot-pluggable optical modules clients, including 40Gbit/s BASE-LR4 1310nm CWDM technology-based, single-mode fiber transmission distance up to 10km. Frequency interval based ITU-T G.694.2 specification, use the 1270,1290,1310 and 330nm 4 wavelengths, each wavelength channel rate is 10.3125Gbit/s. 40Gbit/s CFP optical module is a transmission mode in a single-mode optical fiber, to support 40Gbit/s Ethernet data rate transmission over four wavelengths in each wavelength 10.3125Gbit/s, and finally the use of WDM technology to four wavelengths of light composite signal transmitted over one single-mode fiber. 40Gbit/s CFP optical modules are mainly used in MAN, it can be converted into an electrical signal input optical signal output, in order to achieve long distance transmission, but also be able to receive the optical signal into an electrical signal output.

The rapid growth of optical fiber communication optical module business fierce market competition
5/17/15  |  Industry News

According to the Ministry statistics, from January to June this year, the national new 1.386 million kilometers of optical cable, optical cable line total length of 18.838 million kilometers, an increase of 18.1%, 4G network to promote the rapid development of optical fiber and cable industry.