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2015 How to solve a serious excess capacity fiber-optic cable problem
5/12/15  |  Industry News

In order to maintain the sustainable and healthy development of the industry, fiber industry need to optimize the industrial structure, expanding profit margins upstream optical fiber preform; improve the innovation ability, adhere to different development path, refine business diversified products; improve the industrial chain upstream and downstream facilities to improve the industry overall level of competition; continuously expand overseas markets, before gradually solve the overcapacity problem.

MIIT: year over half of the users speed 8M
5/10/15  |  Industry News

According to the "CCTV News" reported the day before yesterday, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology comments on the implementation of the "Broadband China" 2015 special operations, said this year will add fiber to the home covered 80 million families, the new 4G base stations more than 600,000.

Optical fiber and cable market into rational competition, technological innovation to seize the initiative
5/7/15  |  Industry News

By 2014, broadband policy progresses, broadband infrastructure has improved, continue to promote the construction of transmission network, "Light of Copper" trend more apparent, while 4G construction in full swing, the optical communications industry steadily.