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Facebook's new data center of TOR switch declare the coming era of 100G
11/23/15  |  Industry News  |

Has been in the Internet industry, we all know that Facebook is developing its own software and hardware products, and they are trying to guide the development of this area, OCP open computing platform is an example. The company recently announced that it is independent of the development of next-generation data center with top of the rack TOR 100Gbps Ethernet switches.

The main types of optical modules
11/18/15  |  Technical Article

Optical module types include 1 × 9, SFF, SFP, GBIC, XENPAK, XFP, SFP+ and 10G optical modules above.

Telecom Zhejiang company started 2015 optical modules Central Purchasing
10/23/15  |  Industry News  |

Yesterday, China Telecom Zhejiang company started 2015 optical modules centralized procurement tender, the tender for the procurement content Zhejiang branch of China Telecom Corporation Limited and its subsidiaries in 2015, 2016 MAN engineering and other related projects supporting the optical module products, estimated size of about 120,000 purchase.

Menara direct detection tunable wavelength 100G CFP module to achieve volume sales
10/21/15  |  Industry News  |

Optical module vendors Menara network has said its direct detection tunable DWDM 100G CFP optical module has achieved volume sales. Menara also introduced its 100G Wave Master wavelength adjusting and BER tester.

100G demand coming era
10/11/15  |  Industry News  |

According to Infonetics latest report on 10G / 40G / 100G optical modules noted that the enterprise network and data center applications 10G / 40G / 100G optical module market in 2014 grew by 21% to reach $ 1.4 billion, the second half of 2014 with the entire data center 40Gbps module market grew by 81% a year ago. The company also forecast that demand for data center 100G modules for the start, in 2016 there will be a substantial increase.

Gigalight launched the "Pocket" 10G SFP + Checker
9/22/15  |  Industry News  |

Recently, Gigalight launched the second generation of the optical module tester 10G SFP+ Checker, integrated support up to 10G bit error rate testing, optical power test, read and write EEPROM, DDM monitor a variety of functions in one, with high precision, low power consumption, lightweight and easy to carry and so on. Suitable for flexible deployment scenarios site identification and checking work status and performance SFP+, which greatly helps integrators, engineering users streamline operations and reduce operating costs.

CommScope / OFS Release SWDM with multimode fiber
9/22/15  |  Industry News  |

CommScope has introduced broad-based with its SYSTIMAX LazrSPEED 550 multimode fiber WBMMF cable products. This fiber can support four wavelengths 850nm to 950nm transmitted simultaneously, rather than that single wavelength ordinary OM4 fiber. CommScope OFC once during the year, and Finisar exhibited together with the application of short-wavelength WDM optical modules and this fiber. The use of this fiber provides a new option for reducing costs from 40G to 400G optical modules of various types. In addition, this fiber also supports traditional OM4 fiber applications.

Fiber jumper instructions for use
9/1/15  |  Technical Article  |

Both ends of the optical fiber jumper wavelength transceiver module must be consistent, meaning that both ends of the fiber must be the same wavelengths of light module, a simple distinction is the color of the light module to be consistent. Under normal circumstances, short-wave optical module using multimode fiber (orange fiber), long wavelength module uses single-mode fiber (yellow fibers), in order to ensure the accuracy of data transmission.

Optical transceiver module classification
8/21/15  |  Technical Article  |
Optical module classification
8/20/15  |  Technical Article  |

Including optical receiver module, optical transmitter module, optical transceiver module and optical transponder modules.

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