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Optelian released two new 100G muxponder product
11/25/15  |  Industry News  |

Optical transmission equipment manufacturers Optelian recently launched MPX-9XXX series of two transmission platform for its 100Gbps new muxponder product.

NG-PON market to erupt yet
8/28/15  |  Industry News  |

Today there is an article in Lightreading ZTE performed well recently, and one of the reasons is that global cooperation agreement, ZTE and Telefonica. In this agreement, there is a special mention: "It will deepen bilateral cooperation in areas such as next-generation network innovations, based on the development of ultra high-speed broadband technology GPON, the fiber-optic network to provide high flexibility, high-capacity transmission solutions, and using VoLTE and microwave transmission technology to provide clearer, richer voice communications services. "

GPON - Gigabit-Capable PON
8/26/15  |  Technical Article  |

GPON (Gigabit-Capable PON) technology is based on standard ITU-TG.984.x the latest generation of broadband passive optical access standards, with high bandwidth, high efficiency, large coverage, rich user interface and many other advantages, is large Most operators deemed to achieve broadband access network business, comprehensive transformation of the ideal technology.

EPON - Ethernet Passive Optical Network
8/25/15  |  Technical Article  |

EPON is the best combination of several technology and network structure. EPON uses multipoint structure, passive optical transmission, offers a variety of services over Ethernet. At present, IP/Ethernet applications accounted for more than 95% of the entire LAN communication, EPON since the economic and efficient use of the above-described structure, will become an end-user access network connecting the most efficient communication method.

Narrowband PON technology features
8/14/15  |  Technical Article  |

Narrowband PON network topology and the same ATM-PON, which has the following major differences between ATM-PON:
◆ ATM-PON broadband access technology, can provide users with more than 2Mb/s access rate; narrowband access technology only supports narrowband service, to provide users with access speed of up to 2Mb/s.

ATM-PON technology features
8/9/15  |  Technical Article  |

The most important feature of ATM-PON, is its passive multipoint type network structure. It combines the ATM technology and passive optical network technology to provide a variety of services from existing narrowband to broadband. ATM-PON by the OLT, ONU / ONT and passive optical splitter components.

Optical Access Scope
8/4/15  |  Technical Article  |

Active optical access technology Application bandwidth demand, high security communication enterprises and institutions access. It can also be used in the feeder section and wiring section of the access network, and mixed with other access technologies based on the use of wireless or copper wires.

AON - Active Optical Network
8/3/15  |  Technical Article  |

AON (Active Optical Network) is a signal during transmission, the transmission network from the central office equipment to the use of the photoelectric conversion devices, active optoelectronic devices and fiber optic transmission equipment and other active optical fiber between user allocation unit. Active optical device comprises a light source (laser), optical receivers, optical transceivers, optical amplifiers (fiber amplifiers and semiconductor optical amplifiers).

Optical Access Network
8/2/15  |  Technical Article  |

Optical Access Network refers to the optical fiber as the transmission medium of the network environment. Technically fiber access network can be divided into two categories: active optical network (AON) and passive optical network (PON). Active optical network can be divided into SDH and PDH's AON; passive optical network can be divided into narrowband and broadband PON.

APON - ATM Passive Optical Network
6/25/15  |  Technical Article  |

APON the mid-1990s developed, and was able to develop a fiber-based standard include IP data, video and Ethernet services for business and residential users, logical ATM and PON were selected as the network protocol and network platform, because ATM is seen as the only able to provide various types of communication protocols, and is the most economical broadband PON fiber solution.

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