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Menara direct detection tunable wavelength 100G CFP module to achieve volume sales
10/21/15  |  Industry News  |

Optical module vendors Menara network has said its direct detection tunable DWDM 100G CFP optical module has achieved volume sales. Menara also introduced its 100G Wave Master wavelength adjusting and BER tester.

What is Dispersion
6/15/15  |  Technical Article  |

Dispersion is due to light waves in different frequency components at different transmission speeds to produce a physical effect of different time delays. Digital transmission, dispersion caused by the optical pulse broadening, resulting in around pulse overlap, causing ISI mathematics signals, resulting in increased error rate; for analog transmission, it will limit the bandwidth, harmonic distortion, making SNR system decreases. Dispersion including material dispersion, waveguide dispersion, mode dispersion, polarization mode dispersion, and other.

Optical fiber communication band
6/9/15  |  Technical Article  |

Optical fiber communication wavelength range: 0.8μm ~ 1.7μm (frequency 1.76 * (10 ^ 14) to 4.75 * (10 ^ 14))

WDM-Wavelength Division Multiplexing
6/4/15  |  Technical Article

WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing), Lightwave share with technology, is transmitted simultaneously in a single optical fiber technology multi-wavelength optical signal. 

DWDM role of technology
5/21/15  |  Technical Article

DWDM is an optical fiber communication transmission technology, it is the use of an optical fiber can simultaneously transmit a plurality of different wavelengths of light characteristic wavelength range into the fiber may be applied to a number of bands, each band used a separate channel to transmit a predetermined wavelength of the optical signal technology.

Difference between single-mode and multimode fiber
4/26/15  |  Technical Article

Single-mode fiber is only a single path, and generally used for long-distancetransmission, there are multiple propagation paths of Multimode Fiber, multimodefiber bandwidth for 50MHz~500MHz/km, single mode fiber optic bandwidth up to2000MHz/km, optical fiber wavelength 1550nm and 850nm,1310nm, etc.