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2020 AOC global data center applications market reached $ 4.2 billion
12/4/15  |  Technical Article  |

According to CIR (CommunicationsIndustryResearchers) latest report, "2015 Active Optical Cable Market: data centers and high-performance computing market," in 2020 for the data center of the active optical cable (AOC) market will reach $ 4.2 billion.

SFP+ Direct Attach Copper Cable
10/15/15  |  Technical Article  |

SFP+ Direct Attach Copper Cable is a copper interconnect using a passive twin-ax cable assembly that connects directly into an SFP+ housing. It has a range of 10 meters and like 10GBASE-CX4, is low power, low cost and low latency with the added advantage of having the small form factor of SFP+, and smaller, more flexible cabling.

Optical fiber communication system basic configuration
9/16/15  |  Technical Article  |

(1) Light transmitter
Light transmitter is to achieve electrical / optical conversion of Optical. It consists of a light source, driver and modulator. Its function is to electrical signals from the electrical end machine for light emitted from the light source is modulated, become modulated light, and then the modulated optical signal is coupled into an optical fiber or optical cable to transmit. Electric end machine is conventional electronic communication devices.

Fiber Jumper Selection Guide
9/6/15  |  Technical Article  |

According to the building fire rating and fire-resistant material requirements, cabling system should take appropriate measures. In flammable region and shafts in the building wiring should be used flame retardant cable or fiber optic cable; in large public places should adopt flame retardant, low smoke, low toxicity cable or fiber optic cable; between adjacent equipment room or the transfer should be used flame retardant wiring devices.

Fiber Jumper
8/30/15  |  Technical Article  |

Fiber optic patch cords are used as devices to the jumper fiber optic cabling links. It has a thick layer of protection, generally used in the connection between the Optical and the terminal box.

Advantages of fiber optic cable
8/6/15  |  Technical Article  |

Optical fiber is a transmission beam subtle and flexible media. Fiber optic cables consist of a bundle of optical fibers, referred to as fiber optic cable. Fiber optic cable for data transmission is the most effective one transmission medium, the advantages of its advantages similar to the optical fiber, mainly in the following areas:

QSFP Active Optical Cable
7/30/15  |  Technical Article  |

QSFP is from a simple single-mode fiber SONET applications out into other multimode fiber applications, such as Gbps Ethernet, Fibre Channel, InfiniBand and so on. Many MSA members of the supply VCSEL chip, parallel VCSEL chips, pushing the QSFP technology in the field of multi-mode.

2015 How to solve a serious excess capacity fiber-optic cable problem
5/12/15  |  Industry News

In order to maintain the sustainable and healthy development of the industry, fiber industry need to optimize the industrial structure, expanding profit margins upstream optical fiber preform; improve the innovation ability, adhere to different development path, refine business diversified products; improve the industrial chain upstream and downstream facilities to improve the industry overall level of competition; continuously expand overseas markets, before gradually solve the overcapacity problem.

Optical fiber and cable market into rational competition, technological innovation to seize the initiative
5/7/15  |  Industry News

By 2014, broadband policy progresses, broadband infrastructure has improved, continue to promote the construction of transmission network, "Light of Copper" trend more apparent, while 4G construction in full swing, the optical communications industry steadily.

Communications market new opportunities: 100G optical modules and fiber optic cables
4/29/15  |  Industry News

Optical communication is the physical basis of the entire Internet economy. The beginning of the century, the Internet bubble crisis, the optical communication industry closely related also suffered heavy losses, optical communications giant great loss of strength, Nortel, Lucent since almost brought to its knees. That time foreign optical communications giants are mostly vertically integrated development model, from device to device chips are able to completely independent research and design. After the bubble crisis, in order to preserve the core competitiveness, equipment manufacturers have stripped optical components businesses to form an independent company, or sold to independent manufacturers of optical devices, optical fiber business has been stripped. Optical Communication born light system equipment - fiber-optic cable - optical devices - optical chips complete industrial ecology.

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