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Fiber Jumper Selection Guide
9/6/15  |  Technical Article  |

According to the building fire rating and fire-resistant material requirements, cabling system should take appropriate measures. In flammable region and shafts in the building wiring should be used flame retardant cable or fiber optic cable; in large public places should adopt flame retardant, low smoke, low toxicity cable or fiber optic cable; between adjacent equipment room or the transfer should be used flame retardant wiring devices.

Advantages of fiber optic cable
8/6/15  |  Technical Article  |

Optical fiber is a transmission beam subtle and flexible media. Fiber optic cables consist of a bundle of optical fibers, referred to as fiber optic cable. Fiber optic cable for data transmission is the most effective one transmission medium, the advantages of its advantages similar to the optical fiber, mainly in the following areas:

The structural characteristics of the cable
4/28/15  |  Technical Article

1, outdoor fiber optic cable main center tube, Stranded and slotted core cable, according to the optical fiber bundle and optical fiber ribbon can be divided into ordinary cable, optical fiber ribbon cable and other six kinds of patterns. Each cable Features: