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ZTE and Telefonica signed a global cooperation agreement
8/28/15  |  Industry News  |

Recently, ZTE and Telefonica officially signed a global cooperation agreement to further become the main technology partner Telefonica.

Fiber optic interconnect test solution
7/7/15  |  Technical Article  |

The rapid development of information technology, the popularity of network-based technology advances, prompting data center construction continues toward large-scale, high-density, high transfer rate, pluralism, virtualization, intelligent, green direction. At the same time, for faster data transfer rates, smaller footprint, lower energy consumption needs, making the data center physical infrastructure as an important part of the cabling system more and more people's attention. Fiber and copper cabling system in the data center are two basic transmission medium, compared with copper systems, fiber-optic network with greater bandwidth, faster transfer rates, longer distances, more slender volume, and stronger anti-interference ability and so on. Therefore, although limited by the high price factor optical fiber, optical fiber can be completely replaced by copper, but the data center construction "Light of Copper" trend is inevitable.

Advantages and application of high-speed optical interconnection
6/11/15  |  Technical Article  |

Data center / cloud computing system needs higher bandwidth and lower power consumption and more urgent, AOC is one of the best solutions to meet this demand. AOC (active optical cables) compared with the copper interconnect has many significant advantages, such as lower on the system link transmission power, weighs only a quarter of direct-attached copper, copper-half volume slightly, and room cabling system has better air flow heat dissipation than copper cable bend radius can be made smaller, over longer distances (up to 100 to 300 meters), and the error rate is also better transmission performance , BER can reach 10 ^ -15. Compared with the optical transceiver module, AOC is not exposed due to the presence of optical interface, optical interface clean and contaminated problem does not exist, the system greatly enhanced stability and reliability, and reduce maintenance costs the engine room.

PON network optical power shortage, distance is limited, unable expansion solutions
6/8/15  |  Technical Article

Now a lot of the network, subject to the fiber aging, terrain reasons, loaded dimensional factors and other reasons, PON network led to the loss of light is too large, making it impossible to meet the receiver sensitivity between ONU or near zero cutoff, so that the terminal network connection is unstable or can not opening and so on.