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Optical fiber communication band

6/9/15  |  Technical Article

Optical fiber communication wavelength range: 0.8μm ~ 1.7μm (frequency 1.76 * (10 ^ 14) to 4.75 * (10 ^ 14))

Optical fiber communication, there are three fundamental wavelength :( relatively flat According loss)

850nm (short wavelength band): The first generation of fiber-optic communication systems, light emitting diode LED, multi-mode fiber transmission loss of less than 3dB/km

1310nm (long wavelength band): The second generation of optical fiber communication systems, a light source with a laser diode LD, single-mode fiber transmission loss is less than 0.5dB/km

1550nm (long wavelength band): The third generation of optical fiber communication systems, a laser light source with a distributed feedback laser diode LD or DFB, a single-mode optical fiber transmission loss less than 0.2dB/km

Conversion between wavelength and frequency are: wavelength × frequency = 3.0 × 10 to the 8th power.

The visible light range of about 400nm to 800nm, including orange, yellow, purple indigo, violet has the shortest wavelength which.


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