PON network optical power shortage, distance is limited, unable expansion solutions

6/8/15  |  Technical Article

Now a lot of the network, subject to the fiber aging, terrain reasons, loaded dimensional factors and other reasons, PON network led to the loss of light is too large, making it impossible to meet the receiver sensitivity between ONU or near zero cutoff, so that the terminal network connection is unstable or can not opening and so on.

There are some areas because lack of preset laying fiber optic cable, scattered distribution of its new users, existing networks can not reach, the need to expand the distance, but the expansion of distance optical power to increase, which leads from the expansion will remain at a logical solution programs. Some areas because of increased cell or a sudden increase of users, without re-laying of the cable, can not achieve expansion.

For the above case, there are such solutions:

  • First, consider the OLT module, LED modules increase if see if can meet the requirements.
  • On the line for investigation, a review of the installation and maintenance, to see if because of lack of optical power due to improper installation.
  • Use the following equipment, upgrading the network in PON optical power, with modifications ranging OLT achieve optical power lifting, distance extension and expansion.
  • PON network optical power shortage, distance is limited, unable expansion solutions

    In the PON network, adding new PON repeater, before splitting the line of light emitting power amplification to OLT level, equivalent to close to move to the next OLT splitter. Such optical power out of the province to meet the expansion to be carried out below. And if you want to extend 40KM, even 60KM, it is also possible, because the main trunk transmission even 40KM, arrive when the device will also power amplification to 0 ~ + 3dBm.

    Of course, the expansion of distance is not with him on it. But also to modify OLT ranging. Currently, almost all of the domestic OLT can be modified to 40KM or 60KM, and set up is simple.