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3M Arista compatible passive 40Gbase QSFP+ to 4 SFP+ Breakout Cable

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Fiberonsale's revolutionary 3m (16.4 ft) QSFP to 4x SFP+ Splitter Cable offers IT professionals a cost-effective interconnect solution for merging 40G QSFP and 10G SFP+ enabled host adapters, switches and servers. For typical applications, users can install this splitter cable between an available QSFP port on their 40-Gigabit/s rated switch and feed up to four upstream 10GbE-SFP+ enabled switches. Each QSFP-SFP+ splitter cable features a single QSFP connector (SFF-8436) rated for 40-Gb/s on one end and (4) SFP+ connectors (SFF-8431), each rated for 10-Gb/s, on the other. is the manufacturer of QSFP to 4 SFP+ Splitter Cables that designs and sources every subassembly in-house guaranteeing complete control over product performance, quality and consistency. Examples include our widely respected board-as-connector platform which is direct-welded to the wire and encased in a robust Zinc-Nickel backshell for superior crosstalk and EMI performance. Cable available in 0.5M (1.7ft), 1m (3.3ft), 2m (6.6ft), 3m (9.8ft) & 5m (16.4ft) lengths to accommodate your installation requirements. This new version QSFP+ to 4 SFP+ breakout cable opens EEPROM for customer re-coding for different applications.

Additional Information

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Compatible Brands Arista
Cable Connect Type Passive Cable
Cable Length 3M
Wire Size AWG AWG30
Cable Options QSFP+ to 4 SFP+ Copper Cable
Data Rate No
Cable Connector No
Length No
Cable Type No